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MMC Franchise system is based on a proven formula of success.Our franchise format tends to reduce the risk of operating one’s business entirely by himself or herself. It offers the franchisee an opportunity to build his business on MMC’s brand image as a long-term partner in the business.

The store formats have been proposed based on the demographics of the cities where we want to rollout the stores. All formats would have an option of ‘Delivery Module’ depending on the potential of the territory and in consultation with the Franchisor.

The store formats proposed are summarized below:

bullet Format 1: Take Away / Delivery Outlet / Food Court Model (200 - 300 sq ft)
bullet Format 2: Dining Model (300 - 600 sq ft)

Franchisee Selection Criteria


  • Possess basic business acumen and a passion for succeeding
  • Understands the competitive value of the brand as a concept combined with a proven business system
  • Willingness to take on a venture requiring an intensive full time focus on its development, marketing and operations
  • Focused to make a connect with the consumer for repeat sales and should value Customer Orientation
  • Financial Bandwidth for initial investment and 6 months working capital
  • Knowledge of the local marketplace
  • Good Leader and Manager

Franchise Facts


  • Agreement Term : 5 Years with renewal option
  • Food Supply : From Central Kitchen/Approved Vendor/Brands only

Training and Support

  • Transfer of business concept know-how through initial and on-going training and provision of material, operating manual, software and literature
  • Provision of full set of operating manuals including pre-opening and day-to-day operaƟons
  • Technical support in relation to customized store designs and layouts
  • Supply of lists and specifications of equipment, furniture fixtures and fiƫngs
  • Assistance in the development of a launch markeƟng program and annual marketing plan
  • Provision of management, operational, technical advice and guidance
  • Visits to franchised territory for the purpose of management & financial review
  • Business analysis and evaluation based on historical sales
  • Provision of on-going training as and when agreed between parties
  • Continuous market research, development and introduction of new products
  • Continuous update of operational manuals

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Benefits of Taking the Franchise of Momo Magic Cafe

Momo’s Business is one of the fastest growing business in the Restaurant Sector. If you are looking to open a Franchise of Momo Business then below mentioned Points are Useful for you.

  • Momo magic cafe (MMC) is the fastest growing fast food restaurants in India.
  • It is a quick service restaurant chain.
  • Serving hot sumptuous food.
  • Complete range of fast food / Beverages
  • Best quality ingredients.
  • Much other variety of fast food is also available.
  • Quick turn around

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    High Street
    Food Court
    Commercial Shopping Centre
    Universities / College Area


    Quality Food

    Emphasis on good quality food at affordable price

    Comprehensive Menu

    Comprehensive menu covering best selling Food and Beverages


    Over a wide varities of momos

    Delivery Service Providers

    Tie-Up with all major Delivery Service Providers viz. Zomato, Swiggy etc